Our Story

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Luxury Hair™️ was created and founded in Italy and then branched out to the world! We are a eco-conscious hair care brand offering natural, organic, and plant based infused products with the essence of Italy's lush landscapes. The brand is committed to using only the purest ingredients, free from harsh chemicals and synthetic additives that damage not only hair but your overall health and well being.

Luxury Hair™️ also mines and cuts raw/rough crystals or gemstones. Adhering to strict sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. As members of the International Gem Society and with our partnered GIA certified experts, we maintain the highest standards in the industry, ensuring ethical sourcing, quality, and minimal impact on ecosystems and local communities.

Science and significant testing proves why our ionic hair brushes and hair products work! All our gemstones and jewelry is authentic and naturally sourced. 

Registered offices in: Italy, Michigan, California & New Jersey

Logistics and Warehouses located in: Italy, Michigan, California & New Jersey

Our shampoos, conditioners and sprays are designed in our Italy and United States Warehouses. We hand make them from natural, organic ingredients in Italy and the United States. (Unless otherwise mentioned.)