Does the Pro Brush work on curly hair?

The straightening effect does not work on curly hair like it does on straight ones. Many curly clients still use it to polish their hair, remove frizz or electrostatic effect.

Which batteries do you need for the Pro Brush?

Battery operated, with 2 AAA + batteries, the same used for the TV remote control. There are no cables and the brush does not need to be charged. If used daily, just insert new batteries after about 4/5 months. Batteries are not included.

Can you use the Pro Brush to detangle wet hair before styling?

Yes, the brush easily detangles wet hair. It can be used on both dry and wet hair.


Does the Pro Brush emit heat and dry your hair?

No, the brush does not emit any heat and does not dry the hair. The transmission of ions to the hair occurs naturally without heating the hair.

How do you turn the Pro Brush on?

By holding down the side button for 5 seconds, the LED will light up green and the brush will start emitting active ions. If you press a second time the LED will turn blue and the brush will start vibrating for a scalp massage. To turn it off, simply press the button for another 5 seconds.

How long do the effects of the ions last with the Pro Brush?

The effect of the ions lasts about 5/6 hours but it depends a lot on the type of activity that takes place after the treatment or the places you frequent.

How do I use the Shampoo Brush?

Just apply shampoo, or even conditioner, to your hair and brush gently, massaging your scalp thoroughly. Thanks to the soft bristles of the brush you can apply the type of pressure you want.

How can I buy?

Add the brush color you prefer to your cart via the black "Add to Cart" button. Then proceed to checkout via the "Checkout" button located on the cart page. Finally there will be the checkout page where you have to enter the data for the shipment and choose the payment method: PayPal, credit card or cash on delivery (Italy ONLY).

Where are you located?

We are based in the US and Italy.